Beijing time 16:00 on April 12th, Nokia global simultaneously released its Symbian ^ 3 flagship, first is this touch screen+bar qwert designed Nokia E6-00. This phone becomes another touch and key dual-use smart phone of Nokia.

Nokia E6-00 has a 2.46-inche 16 million-color LCD touch screen with a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels. The screen materials is selected with the Gorilla Glass made of Corning, very durable. The size of this phone is 115.5mm × 59.mm × 10.5mm, weighs 133 grams.

Nokia E6-00 is equipped with Symbian ^ 3 operating system, the latest Ovi maps, and provides the walking and driving navigation globally for free, and the free e-mail push service. The latest Symbian ^ 3 system has set up five main screens, thus the browser is faster, and the user interface has also been updated.

This phone has a built-in mass storage of 8 GB, which can be expanded into 32 GB. The battery capacity is 1500mAh battery, with the standby time of up to a month. Nokia E6-00 has built a 800-megapixel full frame camera, dual LED flash, 2x digital zoom (video mode to 3 times), and provides 25 frames per second 720p high-definition video capture.

It is reported that Nokia E6-00 will be launched in the second quarter of 2011 with the retail price of 345 euros.


Sony Ericsson introduced the Arc on the 2011 CES general assembly, and released Neo, Pro, Play on the 2011 MWC conference. These products all used the latest Android 2.3 intelligent systems, and they are also the inherit and continuation of Xperia series. Recently, a new Xperia was released on the Sony Ericsson PC software company’s official website, and the model is Acro.

At present, Sony Ericsson has not released the detailed parameters of this product officially, but from Xperia Blog, we can know that this product may use the 4.2-inch screen,equipped with a 8.1 million pixel camera, supporting NFC close range transmission. Acro also uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon processor with the main frequency of 1GHz, which is likely to be the same with Arc chip. In addition, it has a DTV chip, supporting the Digital TV function. Acro may be the large version of Arc, and there may be two versions of GSM and CDMA after being listed.

It is reported that Acro is very likely to use the Android 2.3 intelligent system, and if so, it will become the fifth product of Sony Ericssion Xperia family which use the Android 2.3 system. Acro may be launched in May or June this year, firstly in Japan. NTT DoCoMo and KDDI users may be the first to experience.


The upgrading and replacement of Android system have become routine, but for many users, constantly upgrading their systems have become the main reason why they buy the phones. Recently, Android officially released the latest system version statistics and Android 2.2 Froyo has become the main force.

Android Developer Alliance has released the latest statistics. Based on the link GMS service device version situation, the analysis shows that now the Android 2.2 Froyo has become the most popular version, accounting for as high as 63.9%. The second is Android2.1 Eclair, but dropped to 27.2%. The newly released Android 2.3 and Android 3.0 currently occupy very small proportion. In accordance with the practice, with the products constantly coming into the market in the first half of this year, I believe that the main force of the second half year will be the new members.

Currently, Android phone upgrade has become the headaches of many users, and the overquick version upgrade makes the equipment manufacturer also complain incessantly. There is news showing that Google is adjusting the policies to respond to the impact of the overquick version upgrades.


Seeing the major competitors such as Motorola, Samsung and LG has already launched the dual-core smart phones, HTC which was in the dry tree in the “dual-core upgrade” trend, of course has no reason to be willing to always fall behind. In addition to officially releasing the first dual-core 3D smart phone HTC EVO 3D in the CTIA 2011, HTC another flagship level new phone HTC Pyramid equipped with 1.2GHz dual-core processor has burst the spy photos on the internet.

4.3-inch qHD Touch Screen

From the spy photos of the HTC Pyramid phone exposed this time, it proves that not only this phone has almost no difference with the former flow of the overall design drawing, but also compared with the HTC Desire HD etc phone models, this phone seems to be much slender and the lines more smoothly. When people’s attention is on the size of the touch screen, as the rumors in the past, this phone is equipped with 4.3-inch qHD level (960 × 540 pixels) touch screen, and improved DPI resolution, which can bring better display.

Just as other new generation of smart phones, to accomplish the video call in the high-speed networks, this phone is also equipped with front and back two cameras. Among them, the front camera is of 300 thousand pixels and the main lens achieved the specification of 8 million pixels, supporting the auto focus, LED flash and 1080P Full HD video recording functions.

1.2 GHz Dual-core Processor

To enhance their attractiveness and competitiveness in the market, HTC will also add this dual-core processor in this smart flagship model, which is just like the formerly released HTC EVO 3D, equipped with the same Qualcomm MSM8260 processor chipset. Its feature is that the speed of each core has been increased to 1.2GHz and produced by the new ultra-low-power 45nm technology. It is built with Adreno 220 GPU chip, supporting the 3D/2D graphics engine using the Open GLES 2.0 and Open VG 1.1 technology. It also supports the 1080P HD video codec and 24-bit color WXGA resolution display output, integrating the low-power GPS chip and audio engine chip.


Samsung Galaxy S series products’ performance in 2010 is visible and the popularity of the full range of mobile phones make Samsung become one of the smart phone industry giants formally. But the Samsung Galaxy S series products are priced a little higher. To seize the mid and low-end mobile phone market, Samsung finally launched its Galaxy S series successor-Samsung Galaxy i579. This phone is in the same model with the Samsung Galaxy S 5830, but Samsung Galaxy i579 is the smart phone using the CDMA 2000 network system, so they are named differently.

Samsung Galaxy i579 still continues the style of Samsung S series products. The simple and neat design style allows it the body appearance of good texture. At the first sight of Samsung Galaxy i579, I thought it as the smaller iphone4. There are no more decorations on the overall appearance of Samsung Galaxy i579. The simple and neat style outlines and highlights the metal texture on the surrounding of the body perfectly, looking simple but not lack of the stylish sense.

Samsung i579’s front side is equipped with a 3.5-inch capacitive touch screen. On the top of the screen, there printed the Samsung standard logo. The handset is designed right above the logo, and on the left of the handset, there’s distance and light sensor. On the below of the Samsung Galaxy i579 screen, there are three buttons and the real one in the middle is the HOME button, while the left and right ones are separately the menu button and back button. These two buttons all adopts touch-button design and with backlight, which does not affect the control at night.


Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is the Android model launched by Sony Ericsson and targeting at the high-end. This machine has the 1 GHz processor and 4-inch super large touch screen. The 480 × 854 pixel resolution made the screen display effect of this machine extremely delicate. The 8 million pixel camera also belongs to the high-end configuration. Although its has been launched for a long time, the configuration can still be regarded as the mainstream in the current smart phone market.

Sony Ericcson Xperia X10 will not provide upgrade after upgrading the Android 2.1, and this made the majority of users being unhappy. But recently, Sony Ericsson said that in the official blog, they will introduce the Xperia X10 Android 2.3 upgrade in the end of the second quarter or early third quarter this year. They are only limited to the non operator custom models, while Xperia X10 mini, X10 mini Pro, and X8 have no relevant upgrade plan temporarily.

At the end of last year, Google introduced the brand-new Android 2.3 system, with the biggest highlight of adding the NFC feature and optimized the power management. Currently, there are few models carrying the Android 2.3 and I believe that in the middle of this year, there will be a large number of models upgrading to Android 2.3 gingerbread system.


Recently, the second largest operator of U.S. AT & T purchased the Deutsche Telekom T-Mobile USA with a total value of 39 billion. Thus, AT & T became the largest operator of U.S. and Verizon slipped to the second place. As the third largest operator, Sprint’s present situation is not very smooth. On the CTIA, Sprint launched the 4G version BlackBerry Playbook based on WiMAX network. This Table PC will be launched out this summer and the specific date is not yet clear.

The BlackBerry Playbook does not use the traditional BlackBerry OS operating system, unsteadily they choose a brand-new QNX-based multi-mission system, and QNX will become the focused operating system of research and development for BlackBerry. BlackBerry Playbook supports the Sprint 4G WiMAZ network, with the speed 10 times of the 3G network. This tablet PC is built-in 1 GHz dual-core processor, perfectly supporting Adobe Flash and HTML5.

BlackBerry Playbook uses a 7-inch capacitive touch screen and the resolution 1024 × 600 pixels, with a total of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB three different versions. The PlayBook is equipped with a 500 million pixel camera, supporting the 1080p HD video and front 3 megapixel, which can be used for video calls. Through the connection with BlackBerry smart phones, PlayBook can also enable the BBM and other functions.


Nokia X7-00 is one of Nokia’s smart phones which has the highest exposure. Since the first appearance in Ovi Store last August, the rumors have never stopped. Although this phone has canceled the plan to be listed in US, Nokia has never given up the progress of listing it in other countries and regions.

Recently, the internationally well-known media Engadget released the detailed information about the British Three-UK will launch the Nokia X7-00. This model is the follow-up of Nokia X-6, targeting at the mid-market. In this image data, to our greatest surprise is that Noka X7-00 will support the auto focus function without using the full-size focus technology which were generally adopted in Nokia smart phones.

Nokia X7-00 is another model of Nokia Symbian ^ 3. It has a 4-inch touch screen and a resolution of 640 × 360 pixels, a rear camera with 800 million pixel, which supports the auto-focus function and equipped with dual LED flash. According to the exposed information, this phone will be formally listed in June this year.

In addition, according to the previous rumors, Nokia X7-00 will be powered by a 700 MHz ARM11 processor, with a 350MB RAM and 1 GB ROM combination, supporting 3D hardware acceleration and OpenGL 2.0. As the smart phone with music as the main function, X7-00 adopts the four-channel speaker design, but according to the foreign media reports, only two of the speakers can sound.


Rivets seem to have always been loved by the fashion world. Either the Hollywood stars or the fashionable people on the streets are obsessed with the complex on the rivets. Rivets are definitely the representatives of the rock street style. The bright and unique rivets decorating on the black leather and a variety of structural innovations are dazzling! The popularity of rivets begun from the 70s of last century. When Ms. Vivienne Westwood knocked the rivets into the motorcycle boots one by one, the rivets boots inspired people’s unlimited imagination. If the rivets boots at that time could be called to shock the whole London, then the rivets high heels now subvert women’s pursuit of high heels again!

No matter the T stage show or the street fashion, the rock declaration of rivets high heels made us have to open eyes wide  to well appreciate this trend element with individual fashion! Without the heavy clothing collocation, the simple slim leggings can fully bring out the characteristics of rivet high heels. Of course in addition to the wildness and uninhibited character, the rivets have a noble and elegant side. For example, the Balmain crystal ornaments high-heeled sandals, Prada rivets decorated high-heeled sandals are all the elegant representatives, the same exciting matching with skirts!

Some people said that the rivet style more seems a kind of Gothic temperament express, like the confrontation against the fear in the dark, the unspeakable grief, while I think this is an alternative performance of passion for life under the dark appearance.


HIKARU MATSUMURA, who was born in Tokyo, Japan doesn’t pursue efficiency like the people in Tokyo, but hope to convey the hand feel concept which he adhered to through the traditional manual techniques. Matsumura begun to work in Issey Miyake company from 1993 and he founded his personal handbag brand with 184 components, 775 production procedures, the unique wallet with baseball gloves and Issey Miyake women handbags.

The designer Hikaru Matsumura said that there were many good packages, but few of them are full of wisdom. To solve this problem, since 1993, he has been working for Issey Miyake’s designer Matsumura. He combined Osaka baseball glove manufacturing and Issey Miyake handbag craft and designed Unique Bag Project. This series of handbags created through this unusual combination has some similarities with the classic baseball gloves (such as belts, gloves bags and rivets). Adding all of these features into a handbag sounds ridiculous in theory, but in fact it is not the case completely.

Unique Bag Project has released the first series of products-baseball glove handbags, which are divided into two series: C series and R series. The models make of leather and nylon have three different colors: black, white, military green, coupled with the complex various styles of leather woven belts. All the bags are made of 184 parts, through 775 procedures.